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June 25th, 2005

01:07 am: *sigh*
I need some new clothes. Kazu-chan was nice enough to loan me some tank-tops, but I want some nicer shirts too. Perhaps some leather pants...

Though I have to admit, my double shows good taste in fuck-me boots. Mmm. I may have to raid his closet too.

Kazu-chan? Mujou-kun? Anyone? Shopping trip? Turns out my double is loaded with cash from the Ryu empire... and since I'm technically him too, I'm sure he won't mind me borrowing some. X3

Current Mood: hyperhyper

June 20th, 2005

10:43 am: Yay!
So, Kazu-chan and Mujou-kun, when are we having this slumber party? The invitation just said we were all getting together. Everyone needs to come, even our "originals!" I think we all just need to sit down and have fun together. Once we get some love and understanding between us, things will be better.

Cammie-chan! You have to come to the party and bring more Farscape! I think I'm addicted. That Ben Browder... ooo, I could stare at that leather-clad ass alllll day. Mmm...

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

June 12th, 2005

01:03 am: 001
Man... just found out I'm apparently a clone! Isn't that weird? Guess anyone can call me Ryu-chan if they want, so they can keep me separate from my counterpart. BTW, I saw him the other day. Wooo boy, he's hot! I wouldn't mind a piece of that ass, yum! That wouldn't be incest, right? Aw, who cares. It'd be hot. Probably could make a decent buck selling videos of that. XD

I found the most ADORABLE shirt to wear today. It's pink!! Looks soooooo good with my green hair, and it's tight and shows off my arms. ^__^ Matches these purple pants just beautifully too... lucky HOLY had such a pretty color uniform!

Mmm, I think I'm going to try to get a glimpse of my twin. Heehee! Or maybe that Kazuma... either one of them! They're both soooooo cute.

Current Mood: gigglygiggly
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